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Your Path to Remarkable Growth with Hartness Growth Partners

January 31, 20243 min read

Imagine this… within 12 months, your Construction company's revenue has skyrocketed by 70%. With Hartness Growth Partners, this is not just a dream; we make it happen for businesses like yours all the time. In fact, we increase revenue by as much as 500%. - Lindsey Hartness, CEO

Growth Challenges? Let’s Tackle Them! 

  • Struggling With Lead Conversions? We'll turn your sales team into a powerhouse, leveraging data-driven strategies for high-quality, ready-to-buy leads.

  • Struggling to Attract Ideal Clients? Our specialized approach to generating inquiries and appointments is designed to boost your revenue and broaden your client base.

  • Ready to Venture Into New Markets or Niches? With our deep understanding of market complexities and industry insights, we confidently navigate and conquer new domains. 

  • Need More Visibility Among Ideal Customers? We ensure your target market, be it construction firms, architects, designers, or homeowners, recognizes and needs your business through our cutting-edge marketing strategies.

  • Frustrated With Past Marketing Efforts? Transform your approach with our sustainable and impactful techniques, setting new benchmarks in sales pipeline growth and conversion rates.

Leverage Our Expertise for Your Success!

  • Need Innovative Sales and Marketing Strategies? Our proven strategies are custom-crafted for the construction industry, ensuring they deeply resonate with your clients.

  • Seeking Sustainable and Effective Techniques? Our approach consistently delivers substantial results, as evidenced by our clients' remarkable revenue growth stories.

  • Navigating Through Market Complexities? We make it easy for you with our comprehensive suite of growth services.

Accelerate Your Growth with Our Partnership!

  • Tired of Team Churn and Broken Promises from Marketing Firms? We remove the risks and give you the best of both! Our unique blended strategy, merges in-house commitment with the adaptability of outsourcing, ensuring a smooth and effective collaboration.

  • We're Your Personal CMO. Aligned with your goals and values, we offer transparent, data-driven metrics for strategic decision-making.

  • Seeking Rapid Growth and a Surge in Sales? Expect tangible results within just 2-3 months of partnering with us.

Guaranteed Results!

Because we guarantee results, we carefully choose partners whom we’re confident we can propel to success.

Lindsey Hartness, Founder

Lindsey, our founder, is a distinguished professional in digital marketing, specializing in Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, alongside SEO, content creation, and outbound marketing. Her proficiency shines in the Construction and Building Materials niche, with a focus on lead generation, sales enablement, and growth.

Initially, Lindsey identified a common problem among potential clients: significant revenue losses due to inadequate marketing strategies and disjointed sales processes. Determined to address this, she combined her exceptional digital advertising skills with strategic sales knowledge to form a skilled team.

This shift repositioned us from mere service providers to vital growth partners, drastically boosting our clients' revenue and expanding their client base. Our goal at Hartness Growth Partners is to be a catalyst for change and growth in the construction industry, redefining success and driving substantial outcomes.

Don't Miss the Opportunity!

The market waits for no one. With Hartness Growth Partners, you'll be at the forefront, utilizing the latest systems and technologies. Our vision is to support your sustainable growth with a long-lasting partnership, bringing you and your family the success you have been working for and dreaming of.

Are You In?

Contact us now. Together, we’ll turn your goals into achievements and ensure your place at the forefront of the industry.

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Joni Hyde

Joni Hyde | Hartness Growth Partners | COO

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