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Beyond 2024: How Home Services Franchises Are Expanding, Overcoming Challenges, and Boosting Revenue

April 15, 20247 min read

Our strategy dives deep into each sub-niche, ensuring each franchisee's marketing efforts resonate on a personal level and fosters a connection that traditional strategies can’t achieve. - Lindsey Hartness


As specialists in-home services and construction franchise growth, Hartness Growth Partners regularly engages with industry leaders to stay at the forefront of trends and insights. Our recent conversations with franchise leaders have provided valuable perspectives on thriving in 2024 and beyond, focusing on growth, marketing strategies, and the pivotal role of customer satisfaction. Below, we've summarized the insights gathered from these discussions, offering a glimpse into the strategies that are leading the industry forward.

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation

Most notably, franchise leaders stressed how digital marketing isn't just a tool but is the lifeline for franchise headquarters as well as for individual franchisees. They're turning to experts who've mastered the art of SEO to climb to the top of search results. They cite social media platforms to be the most strategic place to engage with potential clients. A real game changer has been the strategic use of paid ads on social media and outbound campaigns. These strategies have proven highly effective for generating high-quality leads, allowing franchises to directly target and capture their ideal demographic with precision and efficiency.

Specifically in regards to expanding their franchise network, although it’s not ideal for all, many franchise leaders find leveraging franchise brokers and consultants for lead generation can be an extremely effective way to find new ideal franchisees. These professionals filter through the noise, delivering leads that are not just numerous but also high-quality. It's not about attracting everyone; it's about attracting the right ones. This targeted approach ensures resources are spent wisely, increasing the chances of conversion and fostering growth.
A clear voice we heard is that specificity matters regarding the messaging sent to potential customers. Leaders from several companies including Honest Abe Roofing discussed the significance of tailored marketing strategies to connect with specific customer segments, utilizing the power of personalized communication in building brand loyalty. 

Franchisee Support and Growth

Franchisee support and growth are crucial for thriving operations while establishing the right culture is just as critical. Lynn Stewart of Authority Brands stated, "We’re focused on all elements of great company culture and making sure that they (the franchisees) have what they need, that we’re supporting them appropriately, and setting them up for success.” This sentiment was echoed by Chris Camasta, VP of Business Delevoplement with Units Moving and Portable Storage. Scott Zide, CEO of Empower Brands, and other brand leaders emphasized the need for comprehensive training, assistance with targeted marketing, and detailed operational guidance. Julia Purdy of NEAT Method emphasized the centrality of franchisee success in the “overall health of the franchise system”. This support fosters a sense of community and drives growth for both the franchisor and franchisee.

Digital marketing, especially, has become a pivotal support area for franchisors, with efforts focused on segmenting campaigns to reach specific sub-niches effectively on behalf of their franchisees. Walter Lacey of Pet Works noted, "Marketing is so crucial and you don't realize how much you need marketing until you don't spend money on it.” Lindsey Hartness from Hartness Growth Partners could not agree more stating, "Our strategy dives deep into each sub-niche, ensuring each franchisees' marketing efforts resonate on a personal level and fosters a connection that traditional strategies can’t achieve." This precision in digital marketing, combined with ongoing operational guidance from the franchisor, not only boosts individual franchisees' revenue but also strengthens the entire franchise network, laying the groundwork for resilient and expansive growth.

Innovation in Services

Innovation in service offerings emerges as a pivotal strategy for staying ahead in the competitive home services sector. Blue Moon Estate Sales innovates with its unique estate sale approach, transforming traditional perceptions and practices within the industry. Similarly, TidyTask distinguishes itself by expanding its cleaning services to include laundry options, addressing a broader range of customer needs. These adaptations are not merely enhancements to customer satisfaction; they strategically open new avenues for revenue, enabling franchisees to tap into previously unexplored market segments. By aligning their services with evolving consumer preferences and lifestyle changes, both franchises exemplify how dynamic service innovation can lead to significant growth opportunities, illustrating a forward-thinking approach that ensures relevance and resilience in a fluctuating marketplace. 

Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction

Operational excellence serves as the crucial foundation for any thriving franchise, where unwavering attention to customer satisfaction differentiates the best from the rest. This principle is embodied through comprehensive training and relentless support for franchisees, ensuring they are fully equipped to deliver service that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations. Such commitment to quality is vital, as every positive customer interaction amplifies the brand’s reputation, turning happy clients into invaluable brand ambassadors. Their glowing testimonials and enthusiastic referrals become the most persuasive marketing tools, attracting new business. The leaders we spoke with emphasized that achieving operational excellence transcends the mere functionality of business operations; it's about crafting unforgettable customer experiences that foster loyalty and encourage repeat business. This holistic approach—combining operational rigor with a passion for customer delight—propels a franchise to the forefront of its market, ensuring sustained growth and success.

Expanding Reach and Navigating Challenges

Expansion is on every leader's mind, but it's not without its hurdles. Economic uncertainties and labor shortages are real challenges that franchises face as they look to grow. Yet, the leaders share a common trait: adaptability. They're not just expanding geographically; they're also innovating their business models to mitigate risks. This might mean exploring new markets, adapting to local regulations, or refining their offerings based on customer feedback. Their strategic planning and flexibility underscore a crucial insight: growth is not just about reaching more people but smartly navigating the landscape of opportunities and challenges. 

Challenges and Adaptation

Franchise leaders candidly shared challenges, including navigating the impacts of the real estate market fluctuations, the difficult political landscape, and the ongoing quest for the best lead generation efficiency. Leaders from Epcon Franchising stressed the importance of innovation and adaptability to these challenges which require a blend of strategic marketing, continuous learning, and the ability to pivot services to align with current market demands.


The insights shared by leaders in the home services and construction franchising sectors pave the way towards achieving success, with a strong emphasis on the importance of digital marketing, achieving operational excellence, and pursuing strategic expansion. These experts stressed the necessity of embracing innovation, ensuring quality, and fostering resilience. Many leaders also expressed a recurrent emphasis on the significance of integrity and corporate culture. Despite facing challenges associated with an uncertain political and economic climate, there's a shared optimism among these leaders regarding the home services franchise sector's robustness and growth prospects. Echoing this sentiment, Michael O'Driscoll of Homefront Brands expressed his "confidence in the sector's resilience." This statement captures the general consensus of optimism and forward-looking strategies that characterize the industry's leadership.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the visionary leaders who shared their wisdom, insights, and approaches with us. Their contributions have been instrumental in shaping this white paper, and their dedication to advancing the industry is truly inspiring. A special thanks to:

Yona Smith, Threshold Brands | Senior Director of Franchise Development Marketing

Barry Mirkin, Floor Coverings International (First Services Brand) | Senior Director of Demand Generating Marketing

Dan Atchison, 911 Restoration | Senior Director of Development

Austin Meek, Mr. Appliance (A Neighborly Company) | Director of Franchise Support

Jad Buckman, Epcon Franchising | Director of Franchise Development

Tom Jacques, Hickory Dickory Decks | CEO and Founder

Anthony Spagnola, Horsepower Brands | Director of Franchise Development

Turp Ricketts, Horsepower Brands | Vice President of Franchise Development

Brian Kiefer, Honest Abe Roofing | Vice President of Franchise Sales

Jim Swayne, Safer Home Solutions (BELFOR Franchise Group) | President and CEO

Scott Zide, Empower Brands | CEO

Erin Zide, Empower Brands | Director of Franchise Recruiting

Bob Lang, Blue Moon Estate Sales (Best Life Brands) | Brand President

Carl Dupper, Tidy Task | President

Michael O’Driscall, Homefront Brands | President and Chief Operating Officer

Tyler Burnett, Mosquito Joe (A Neighborly Company) | Franchise Development

Lynn Stewart, Authority Brands | Director of Franchise Development

Chris Camasta, Units Moving and Portable Storage | Vice President of Business Development

Walter Lacey, Pet Wants (Strategic Franchising Systems) | Vice President of Development

Julia Purdy, NEAT Method | Director of Franchise Development

Are you ready to take your franchise to the next level in 2024 and beyond? Connect with Hartness Growth Partners to learn how we can support your journey through tailored growth strategies and marketing solutions to propel your franchise into a prosperous future.

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